Titre testing in cats

We vaccinate cats against Cat Flu, Panleucopenia (the cat version of Parvo) +/- Leucaemia (FeLV) and we tend to give these every year.

It’s not really clear why!

Protection against the Cat Flu viruses lasts for up to a year, possibly less, so this needs to be repeated yearly.

However, protection against Panleucopenia and Leucaemia is thought to last at least 3 years, so, like dogs, cats could have the full vaccine every 3 years and the small vaccine (just cat flu) every year.

Or, like dogs, they can be titre tested when the full vaccine is due, to check if it is actually needed or if the cat is still protected.

Now, cats are not small dogs, and many cats really object to having a blood sample taken. So if your cat is like this, then you may not want to go down the route of titre testing, and that’s fine. But even so, we can reduce the exposure to unnecessary vaccinations by titre testing instead.

Another important thing to know about titre testing is that you don’t typically get the result straight away, so if the test comes back negative, and a full vaccination is needed, this would mean another vet visit.

But of course when the vet comes to your home, that’s not really much of an issue!

Don’t just take my word on any of this, though- you can easily check it out for yourself at



Let’s make sure we protect our cats, but let’s not give them more vaccinations than they need!

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