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Relaxed and holistic vet visits in the comfort of your home.

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Health Check and Consultations

I am happy to see your pet for routine health checks and whenever you have a concern that something just isn’t quite right. Your pet will receive a thorough examination, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and to discuss your concerns. Together we will devise a treatment plan that works for you as well as for your pet.

I offer puppy and kitten vaccinations, boosters and microchipping.

Where it is necessary to take a blood sample, this is often possible during a home visit.

Minor injuries can often be dealt with during a home visit. I will assess your pet, clean and if necessary staple any small wounds and apply dressings. However larger wounds and major injuries are much better dealt with at a Veterinary Clinic, where all the necessary equipment, drugs and more staff are on hand.

Blood samples can easily be taken during a home visit with most pets, either with your assistance, or for very fractious pets, with nurse assistance (please let me know before the appointment if you think we’ll need an extra pair of hands, so that I can make arrangements for us both to come out).


Titre Testing

To avoid over – and under vaccination I highly recommend Titre Testing. Find out more here.

Titre tests can be done as part of the Health Check, and I also run regular Titre Testing Sessions at various local venues. Please check my Facebook page for the latest session – @petsrelaxed

From £55

Lifestyle Assessments for Elderly Pets

This is an often overlooked area in Veterinary Care When our elderly companions slow down, are less active and interact less with us, this is often put down to normal ageing and accepted as something that we can’t do anything about have heard countless times: “It’s just his age”.

But very often there is a lot that we can do to help our senior pets cope with this new stage in their life.

Home visits really come into their own here. It is invaluable to see the pet in their normal daily environment and often small changes can have a big impact. I look at diet, exercise, home environment and any useful supplements.

From £95

Holistic Consultation, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

This is a longer appointment with an in depth assessment of your pet. It includes a thorough assessment of their previous clinical history, a detailed exam, where appropriate the first acupuncture session, and an assessment for suitable herbal medicine. Be prepared for a list of questions that are different to what you may expect from a vet consultation, including questions about your pet’s temperament, likes and dislikes.

Please allow 60 minutes for this appointment.


End of Life Care

Sadly, in many pets lives there comes a time when it’s kindest to let go, and to have our beloved companion euthanised (put to sleep). This is such a heartbreaking decision to have to make. It can give so much comfort to have the final good bye happen peacefully at home. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when the time is right to have your companion euthanised.

I offer End of Life Care appointments, where we will together assess your companion’s quality of life, I can prescribe or administer any treatment to keep him as comfortable as possible, and we decide together when the time comes to let go.

Home Euthanasia £280


I carry a range of medications with me, ready to be prescribed for your pet on my visit. Any medication that is not available at the visit will be ordered and posted out to you within 2-3 working days. You can ask for a written prescription if you prefer to buy your medication online or at one of the local vets. A prescription fee applies, please ask for details.

Emergency and Out of Hours Care

My working hours are daytime only, and there is only one of me. It is therefore quite possible that at some point you may need a vet and I am not available. It is important that you are registered with one of the local veterinary clinics as well as with me.



Know your vet clinic's out of hours arrangements


If you are not registered with a Vets Clinic please contact Medivet Ian McConnell Vets in Mossley on 01457 837 900

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