Recipe for Chicken Soup à la Mama Londa

(This is how my mum, Traudel, makes it, and what I’ve grown up with- adapted ever so slightly, to show the difference between serving it to people or pets)


1 whole chicken (ideally organic and local, but in any case the best quality you can find and afford)

A few bay leaves (optional)

Place into a large pot, cover with cold water and bring to a slow boil.

Keep simmering away for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the chicken.


If you’re making the soup just for your cat or dog, this is as simple as it can be.

Let it cool down, skim off any fat or scum from the top.

Remove the chicken, take the meat off the bones and break or cut into bite sized chunks.

Discard the bones safely.

Offer small amounts of broth, and add in some chicken pieces once your pet is ready for solids.


For humans, or to add some extra nutrition for your pets’ soup too:

Half an hour before you think it’s ready, add some chopped up vegetables (or wait until the chicken is ready, remove it, and add the veg while the chicken cools down):

Carrots, celeriac, leeks, mushrooms, leafy greens

(if you’re making the soup for your pets, leave out the leeks)

A few minutes before it’s ready, add some chopped parsley


My mum boils some potatoes separately, so that everyone can add as much or as little to their soup as they want.

This is excellent!

When first starting to eat after a fast, or if you or your pet are on a low or no carb diet, you might add a very small amount, or none at all.

When you or they start to feel more hungry and are ready for more solids, add more.

You could use sweet potato instead of regular ones.

Cats won’t appreciate and don’t need potatoes. They won’t want the veg either, but they will still benefit from their nutrients in the liquid soup. Feed cats just the liquid and some chicken pieces.


We put salt and pepper on the table for people to use as they wish. Because you’ve used a whole chicken, and not just the meat, this soup is already very flavourful. Pets don’t need any salt or pepper added to it.