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Holistic Consultation, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

This is a longer appointment with an in depth assessment of your pet.

It’s fantastic if your pet has a chronic condition that’s not as well controlled as you might like.

Those frustrating situations, maybe with arthritis, a chronic skin issue, internal organ failure or even cancer.

You and your vet have tried it all, but you wish and wonder if there’s more that could be done.

We’ll take lots of time to talk through all your concerns.

There’ll be a thorough assessment of you pet’s  previous clinical history and a detailed exam.

Where it’s appropriate, this consultation also includes the first acupuncture or laser session, and an assessment for suitable herbal medicine.

Be prepared for a list of questions that are different to what you may expect from a vet consultation, including questions about your pet’s temperament, likes and dislikes.

Please allow 60 minutes for this appointment.


Laser Therapy

This is an exciting treatment option for a vast range of conditions involving pain or inflammation.

We use it a lot for chronic arthritis, when traditional treatments alone don’t give a good enough effect, but it can be used for so much more.

Most chronic conditions can benefit from laser therapy.

Read more about what to expect here.

Initial consultation fee applies

£75,- per treatment session

£375,- for 6 sessions (Buy 5, get 1 free

£600,- for 10 sessions (Buy 8, get 2 free)

From £75

Titre Testing

To avoid over– and under vaccination, we highly recommend Titre Testing.

It’s a simple blood test that shows if a dog (or cat) is still protected against the core diseases, or if they need a booster.

Find out more here.

Titre tests can be done as part of a Health Check Consultation, and we also run regular Titre Testing Sessions at various local venues.

A mini Health Check is included in the Titre Testing Sessions.

Please check our Facebook page for the latest session – @petsrelaxed or sign up for our newsletter.

Titre Testing does not include Leptospirosis, this vaccine needs to be renewed every year.

£50,- when added to a Home Consultation

£75,- at Titre Testing Session

From £50

At Home Dental Treatments

This is an excellent way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and avoid a full dental at the clinic.

It’s not appropriate for all dogs, though.

We start with a thorough exam to establish if your dog is a suitable candidate.

Our introductory offer:

– Initial assessment

– 3 Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning sessions

– Option for you to conținue the treatment at home in between sessions

– Action plan for dental care after the treatments

£85,- (Until end of February 2023)

Read more about what to expect here and about dental care here.

From £85

Emergency and Out of Hours Care

Our working hours are weekday daytime only, and we are closed on bank holidays. It’s therefore quite possible that at some point you may need a vet and we’re not available.

It’s important that you are registered with one of the local clinics as well as with us.



Know your vet clinic's out of hours arrangements


If you are not registered with a Vet Clinic please contact Medivet 24 Hour Ashton (previously Ian McConnell Vets) in Mossley on 01457 837 900

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