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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be registered with more than one vet?

Yes, absolutely! Many people are registered with more than one vet. What?s important is openness. It’s crucial that all involved vets share the relevant information about your pet: medications that have been prescribed, blood tests that have been done and any other important findings. This way we can ensure that nothing important is missed.

What happens if my pet needs surgery?

If I diagnose a condition that requires surgery, you will need to contact your vet clinic to make an appointment. I will forward all clinical notes to your vet clinic. This should be a very straight forward process and I’ll be on hand should there be any queries. Depending on the individual case, post op care may take place in your vet clinic or at home. If your pet needs specialist investigations or surgery, I can refer you straight to a referral clinic.

Do you prescribe medication?

Yes. I carry a range of medications with me, ready to be prescribed on your visit. For anything that I don’t carry with me, I’ll order it in and post or bring it out to you, or I can write you a prescription if you prefer.

My dog bites- can you still see him?

Yes. Many dogs that get aggressive in a vet clinic (or anywhere else where they feel anxious) are totally fine at home and allow the exam and any treatment just fine. In some dogs the exam will be a lot less hands on, but I gain a lot of information by simply observing. Occasionally it’s safer for all involved if the dog is muzzled. Very rarely dogs are so anxious, that they can only be examined under sedation in a clinic, but it usually makes sense to have a first check up at home, to establish whether that’s needed or not.

What happens in an emergency?

It?s crucial that you are registered with a vet clinic as well as with me. I’m more than happy for you to contact me, but in an emergency, a vet clinic is usually the better place to go. Make sure you know your vet clinic’s phone number and their Out Of Hours arrangements. You can also contact Pet999 in Mossley on 01457 839 399 if you have an emergency Out Of Hours.

Will my pet insurance pay for your service?

Most of the time: Yes! It may depend on the level of insurance that you have taken out, though it’s always worth to check with them first.

Do you do blood tests?

Absolutely. I’ll need your help to steady your dog or cat, but don’t worry, I’ll show you what to do. In most cases this works really well. For very fractious pets I can come together with my nurse Rachel (if you think we?ll need her help, please let me know before the appointment, so that I can make arrangements for us both to come out together).

I live outside you catchment area – what now?

If you live a short distance outside of the area I cover- get in touch! I may still be able to come to you. There may be an additional fee for extra mileage and time spent travelling. If you live further away and are interested in my holistic services- get in touch! If you’re willing to travel, you can come to me. I don’t have any practice premises, but I can arrange for a suitable place where we can meet. Alternatively I may be able to put you in touch with a holistic vet closer to you.

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Katja's treatment of my 16 year old springer spaniels arthritis with acupuncture and subsequently electro-acupuncture has made a huge difference to her quality of life. A huge thank you to Katja whose care and treatment I would highly recommend

- Helen Peel

Superb relaxed service at home meant no stress, no scratches and no car journey and a cool cat. Absolutely outstanding, can't recommend Katja enough.

- Angela Traynor

I have searched for a mobile vet for years and I am so happy to have found such a fantastic one in Katja. A much calmer experience for me and my cats cannot recommend highly enough!

- Rachel Daly

I never thought a vet visit could be so easy! I used to worry about how I would get my cats to the vet and didn't like the idea of stressing them out. But when Katja comes to my home, my cats hardly notice they're being examined and go straight back to sleeping as if nothing had happened. When one of my cats needed a blood sample, Katja came together with her vet nurse Rachel, who was fantastic!

- N. Walton

Thank you Pets Relaxed. All puppies health checked and vaccinated without the added stress of leaving their home. A very calm experience for them. Can't recommend Katja Londa enough.

- Linda Hunt

Caring and kind, takes the time to listen to human and animal, observes pets in their home. Offers advice along with sensible advice on alternative healing treatments. Medicates when necessary. Fabulous veterinary lady x.

- Nichola Roberts

Cannot recommend pets relaxed enough. Sadly we had to end our beloved dogs life last week. Katja came to our home, as our usual vets didn't have a vet available. Our lovely dog went to sleep in his bed in the sunshine, which was one of his favourite places. Katja made a heartbreaking situation as lovely as it could possibly be. Today, I have come back to a lovely card together with some poppy seeds to scatter to remember him. Thank you x

- Sarah Gledhill

Thank you for your wonderful care when we had to lose Eddie - I thought you were remarkable - so gentle and kind with him, and then so patient and thoughtful with us...You pushed away as much of the trauma as you possibly could and I'll never forget that.. or you - thank you.

- Lisa Moore

Katja came and took blood from my two older Labradoodles, as well as our?ten Animal Assistance team dogs, to check immunity to the core diseases via VacciCheck. I haven't boostered my dogs for over 10 years as I prefer to take a more holistic approach and have opted for titres in the past. They all came back with immunity, including my old dogs, which proves that many vaccines can last for many years, if not a lifetime. I would always opt to titre test my dogs as opposed to unnecessary boosters.

- Alison Frost - Animal Assistance

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